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Fisherman pulls 18-month-old baby out of the ocean

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Monday, November 5, 2018, 4:55 PM - In what's being described as a "freakish miracle" a fisherman pulled an 18-month-old-baby out of the ocean in New Zealand last month.

Gus Hutt was fishing off the coast of Matata Beach when he spotted a small figure floating in the water, the BBC reports.

He initially thought it was a doll, until he "let out a little squeak".

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"I thought he was a doll. [Even as] I reached out and grabbed him by the arm, I still thought it was a doll," Hutt told the NZ Herald.

"His face looked just like porcelain with his short hair wetted down, but then he let out a little squeak and I thought, 'oh God, this is a baby and it's alive'."

The young boy had been camping with his parents and was excited about the beach. He managed to undo the zipper of his sleeping parent's tent and make his way to the ocean.

"He was floating at a steady pace... if I had been just a minute later, I wouldn't have seen him," Hutt said.

"He was bloody lucky, but he just wasn't meant to go, it wasn't his time."

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Hutt told reporters he wasn't fishing at his usual spot that morning, which was 100 metres to the right. Had he been there, he might not have spotted the baby.

Hutt's wife, Sue, alerted camp staff and emergency services. When the parents were located, the mother "screamed" when she found out her baby was rescued from the water.

"It came as a shock to everyone. It was a very, very lucky result... it could have been a very tragic incident," Rebecca Salter, co-owner of the camp, told the BBC.

"It's a freakish miracle."

First responders evaluated the baby and confirmed he was in good health following the incident.


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