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Fish fell from the sky in Mexico, here's how

Hailey Montgomery
Digital Reporter

Thursday, September 28, 2017, 2:24 PM - A few small fish fell from the sky during a light rain in Mexico today, and there's a rather simple explanation.

The civil defense agency of Tampico, a state on the country's east coast, announced the bizarre weather event via Facebook on Wednesday. The aquatic creatures mainly fell in the city of Tampico, particularly in the Lomas de Rosales community

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A strange but not unheard of phenomenon. As The Weather Network Meteorologist Erin Wenckstern explains, today's unusual rainfall was likely the result of a common funnel cloud called a waterspout. 

"Waterspouts can form in two, but very different, ways: either a tornadic waterspout, where the funnel cloud comes from a rotating thunderstorm and happens to form over water, or a non-tornadic waterspout, which forms in a cool environment when a rapidly developing cumulus cloud forms over warm waters," she says. 

"In both cases, a stronger updraft is present (particularly in a tornadic waterspout), where objects, or even small fish, can be ingested into the updraft of the developing storm, then dropped out of the sky over land as they travel in the downdraft of the storm."

Source: The Associated Press [Thumbnail Credit: Protección Civil Tamaulipas / Facebook ]

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