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At long last, spring is finally here -- but we need YOUR help to prove it's actually happening!

Regardless of what the weather is doing today, spring is here!

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 12:23 PM -

Believe it or not, despite the late season snow blasting the Prairies, lingering frigid temperatures in Ontario, and a winter storm in the East, the Spring Equinox is (finally) knocking at our door. 

Spring officially arrives Thursday, and as one of the worst winters in history wanes, it seems LONG overdue.

WILL SPRING EVER ARRIVE: To answer the question, The Weather Network’s meteorologists have issued this year’s Spring Outlook!

Now, we still have a ways to go before we can officially toss our woolies aside, but signs of spring have already begun cracking through the icy shell, offering glimmers of hope and reassurance of a new growing season just about to burst forth.

From dirty, melting snow, to rockin' Robins, to blossoming Prairie Crocuses -- we're asking you, our devoted Weather Network fans, to help us kiss this horror of a winter goodbye, and welcome the new season by tweeting us first signs of spring photos using #SignsofSpring.

HOW LONG UNTIL SPRING ARRIVES?: Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham breaks down the first day of spring forecast from coast to coast.

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