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WATCH: Fireball turns night into day in Finland

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Saturday, November 18, 2017, 8:02 PM - In this age of dashcams and iPhones, you don't have to go too deeply into the Internet to find the best videos of meteors streaking across the sky -- but the one in the video above really takes the cake.

It was captured on video as it blazed a bright trail across northern Finland (it would also have been visible in northern Norway and part of Russia's Kola Peninsula) on Thursday night. The timing was fortunate, as that particular camera was already pointed north in an effort to capture the Northern Lights.

Scientists quoted by the Associated Press said the light would have been equivalent to "100 full moons."

"It was probably a meteor, a fairly big rock," Jyrki Manninen, a space physics engineer at Finland's University of Oulu, told Finnish broadcaster YLE, though he said it could also have been man-made space debris.

Scientists at the Urals Federal University in Russia said a fragment of the meteor may have survived to fall somewhere in Finland, though any search for it would be hampered by the fact it is the winter and at that latitude, the day would be only around four hours long.

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SOURCES: Associated Press | YLE

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