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What will the last week of July look like, weather-wise? Dr. Doug Gillham reviews the forecast for southern Ontario.

Final week of July will feel like September in southern Ontario

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Dr. Doug Gillham
Meteorologist, PhD

Monday, July 28, 2014, 4:49 PM - The final week of July often brings some of the hottest weather of the summer, but that will not be the case this week as temperatures across southern Ontario will be more typical of mid-September.

The map below shows that the cool temperatures will be widespread across most of Ontario, southern Quebec and much of the United States. The various shades of green highlight places where temperatures are forecast to average 3 to 7ºC below their local average temperatures through Friday. Meanwhile, much of Atlantic Canada, British Columbia and much of the Prairies will see above seasonal temperatures during the upcoming week.

Along with the chilly temperatures, we will also see occasionally unsettled weather across southern Ontario, including the GTA. Most of the time it will not be raining, and each day will bring some sunshine, but we will also see scattered showers each afternoon and evening. It looks like the showers will be most widespread on Wednesday.

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As we head towards the long weekend, the overall pattern will begin to relax, but it will not completely go away. As a result, temperatures will recover closer to seasonal by Friday, but we will continue to see the threat for passing showers and thunderstorms.

Similar conditions are expected through the long weekend. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will each bring a mixture of sun and clouds with near seasonal temperatures, but we will continue to see the threat for a passing shower or thunderstorm during the afternoons and evenings.

So: do not cancel your weekend plans due to the threat for showers, but be prepared for a couple of interruptions from the pleasant weather.

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