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Fifth tornado of the season touches down in Ontario

Environment Canada confirms fifth tornado of the season

Environment Canada confirms fifth tornado of the season

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    Rodrigo Cokting
    Staff writer

    Monday, June 3, 2013, 12:13 PM - A funnel cloud in Ontario is now being classified as an EF-0 tornado, bringing the province's count up to five this season alone.

    Environment Canada has confirmed that a tornado touched ground near Kenilworth, Ontario on Saturday. 

    The tornado was reported to Environment Canada by local storm chaser Dave Patrick. A tornado warning was issued at the time, as storm spotters reported a funnel cloud, and observed the circulation briefly touching ground twice. The funnel cloud lasted for roughly 60 seconds before it vanished. 

    The tornado was classified as a low end EF-0 with wind reaching maximum speeds of 90 km/h. That tied in with the fact that the tornado touched down in an inaccessible area, led to no reports of damage or injuries. 

    It is the fifth tornado of the season in Ontario. 

    The province usually sees up to 12 tornados between late April and early October.

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