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MASSIVE rabbit found (WOW!)

Feral bunnies take over Vancouver Island

Saturday, April 4, 2015, 2:24 PM - If you live in Nanaimo and think you just spotted the Easter Bunny, chances are you just spotted one of the many feral rabbits that are slowly overtaking Vancouver Island.

Places like Nanaimo are having a 'bunny problem' with the feral population quickly growing according to the local SPCA. While rabbits are often spotted around the city, including the Vancouver Island University campus, they aren't an indigenous species which means all the furry little animals hopping around are a product of pets being abandoned by owners.

"People get them and realize, 'oh my good, this is a 10-year commitment.' Interest in them wanes," Nanaimo SPCA manager Leon Davis told the CBC.

Davis suggests local government introduce new bylaws to get the population under control by banning stores from selling the animals.

Additionally, Davis suggests requiring rabbit owners to spay or neuter their animals.

As for buying more rabbits, it might not be the right time.

"Buy a chocolate bunny . . .maybe not a real one," he said.

Source: CBC News

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