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If you plan to be on the road, you'll be wanting to see how much snow could fall, and when.

Family day may end off with some evening snow

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, February 16, 2014, 9:20 AM -

A clipper is moving through southern Ontario Sunday, bringing light amounts of snow to the province.

"A light dusting of 1-3 cm is expected in southwestern Ontario, with trace amounts in the Greater Toronto Area," Weather Network meteorologist Monica Vaswani said Sunday.

It's followed by a cold night, with overnight wind chills down to the -20s, but it's Monday night that has southern Ontarians more worried, as that's when a new system should begin to flow into the province.

"Most of Monday will see fair conditions, but the snow will move into Southwestern Ontario in the afternoon and reach the GTA by the evening," Vaswani said. "A general 5-10 cm is expected, with higher amounts towards southwestern Ontario. Blowing snow may be an issue Monday night into Tuesday morning. The snow will taper through the afternoon on Tuesday."

Those amounts are not much compared to past systems that have plagued the province this winter, but drivers on the road back home after the Family Day long weekend will be wanting to take extra care that evening.

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Ontario is in for a series of systems next week, Vaswani says, with another system on the way on Wednesday and then possibly another late Thursday into Friday. 

"The system on Wednesday will likely be quick and less impactful. However there is a chance for mixed precipitation down towards Lake Erie," she said. "The system for late Thursday into Friday will bring in a lot of mild air and there is a chance that this could bring all rain for Southern Ontario instead of snow."

We'll be keeping an eye on those systems and will have more information as they approach.

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