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Family cat returns home after 13 years

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Thursday, June 19, 2014, 4:51 PM -

If Shelby the cat could talk, she'd have some interesting stories to tell.

In 2001, the cat vanished from her home in Victoria, Australia. Owner Paula Harper-Adams thought she was long gone -- until Shelby showed up on her porch 13 years later.

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At first, Paula didn't recognize the cat because she was covered in fleas and had matted fur. 

But when she compared a photo of Shelby to the feline that showed up on her porch, she realized her old friend had returned.

"I was convinced I was crazy, but I took a photo of the cat’s face, in case anyone ­responded to my Facebook post (for a missing animal), and left," Paula told the Geelong Advertiser.

"I half joked that if I could find a photo of Shelby, I’d be back (to compare). Well, I went home and, like a woman possessed, searched through box after box until I found the photo I was looking for, Shelby. I took the photo back to the vet and the girls had a good look over her and the photo before coming back and ­announcing to me in the waiting room: ‘She is your cat.’ ’’

Shelby is now seventeen years old and settling back into domestic life.


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