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Fall Forecast 2017

Fall Forecast: Here's what the next 3 months look like

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    Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 2:28 PM - With parts of Canada experiencing a fast start to the fall season, many Canadians are already fretting the arrival of winter. So, is The Weather Network’s Fall Forecast set to send a chill down the nation’s collective spine, or will the outlook for the months of September, October and November come as a breath of fresh autumn air?

    “Looking at current weather patterns, the majority of the country should be in store for a quintessentially-Canadian fall,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network. “October, the month that defines the fall season for many of us, is shaping up to have good stretches of pleasant weather for those who enjoy hiking, the changing of the leaves, apple picking and other fun fall activities.”

    While Canadians should expect the usual cold snaps and ups-and-downs as we make the transition to winter, The Weather Network’s meteorologists foresee a mild autumn season until November, when we expect a transition to a more typical late fall pattern which will include classic fall storms and the usual tastes of winter which we expect across Canada during November.

    Here’s a more detailed look at the conditions expected across the country this fall:

    British Columbia

    After record-breaking heat to start the month across much of B.C., the province will transition into a more typical fall pattern. While temperatures are still expected to be on the milder side of normal, B.C. will be closer to seasonal than it was during much of the summer. We will also see a return of the rainier pattern that we expect to see during the fall.

    The Prairies

    After a sizzling summer, the warmest fall temperatures in Canada (relative-to-normal) are expected across the western Prairies. The eastern Prairies, which have already seen a couple shots of autumnal weather, will also be able to enjoy mild temperatures from mid-September through much of October before colder weather starts to set in. Autumn will see a continuation of the dry weather experienced across the region this summer.

    Ontario & Quebec

    While near normal conditions are expected in both Ontario and Quebec this fall, residents should enjoy their fair share of warm, dry days and better-than-average leaf-viewing weather. Central and northern Ontario, which experienced an early ending to the growing season, should also experience warmer weather than normal from mid-September through the majority of October. As is the case for most of the country, November is the turning point, showing potential to bring tastes of early winter weather.

    Atlantic Canada

    Near to slightly above normal temperatures are forecasted for the Maritimes this fall. The region is also expected to see near to above normal precipitation due to the threat for a couple storms that bring excessive rainfall. While there is a higher-than-normal threat for influence from tropical systems, Atlantic Canada can otherwise expect significant periods of dry weather, like the rest of the country.

    Northern Canada

    Much of Northern Canada will experience near to above seasonal temperatures as we make the transition from summer to winter. The warmest temperatures relative to normal will be across Yukon and the Northwest Territories. It is important to keep in mind though, that “normal” temperatures drop by roughly 2 degrees Celcius per week across much of the region.

    While fall should remain pleasant in most of the country, November will bring snow storms, freezing rain, and other dangerous weather conditions. As we move deeper into fall, Canadians should pay extra close attention to the daily forecast as winter weather conditions can develop rapidly. Canadians can be prepared for changeable weather patterns by visiting www.theweathernetwork.com or by downloading The Weather Network App and creating an account for personalized and up to the minute forecast information.

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