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Snow blast coming to southern Ontario. Timing, details here

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, February 14, 2016, 8:52 AM - After the long weekend, Tuesday morning's commute will be a rough time for some Ontario commuters.

A low pressure system moving up the eastern U.S. is looking increasingly likely to bring significant snow to parts of Ontario and Quebec, along with rain and freezing rain in some areas.

"With this system, we're looking at the possibility of heavy snow in Ontario, but more in the east," Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter said early Sunday. "The GTA, on the western extent, we're not looking at a heavy amount, a couple of centimetres at most."

The system affects the province beginning Tuesday morning. The snow starts getting heavy around the Coburg area, and by the time it reaches Cornwall, up to 15 cm is possible, with Ottawa somewhat on the edge.

Its effects on the Greater Toronto Area will depend on how the low pressure system interacts with a high pressure system in Atlantic Canada. If that system remains strong, the GTA will see some flakes, but if it weakens, the storm will become a strictly eastern Ontario and Quebec effect.

Quebec is looking at the heaviest snow along the St. Lawrence River, Eastern Townships and Gaspé region, as well as northern New Brunswick.

For the southern parts of the Maritimes, the system will likely manifest as rain, delivering double-digit rainfall totals, and Grinter says there is a likelihood of freezing rain in some parts of southern Quebec.

"It's a fast-moving storm, though, so less chance of ice storm event, but there is that chance for accretion," Grinter says.

Tune in on T.V. for updates as this system approaches Canada

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