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As summer's end nears, how long does warmth last?

Dr. Doug Gillham
Meteorologist, PhD

Saturday, September 2, 2017, 10:09 AM - While meteorological fall officially started on September 1st, astronomical summer continues until September 22nd.

FALL IS BACK: An extended summer or an early start to winter? The Fall Forecast premieres Wednesday, Sept. 13 -- special all day event 

Will this period bring weather more typical of summer or fall?

The map below shows the temperature pattern for the first full week of September – back to school week for many. 

This is a familiar pattern for many with mid-summer (and record breaking) heat continuing across B.C. and spreading into Alberta. The very warm weather will also spread from west to east across the Prairies as we progress through the week. Newfoundland will also have rather warm weather through the week.

Meanwhile, another round of autumnal weather will spread from the Prairies to the Great Lakes and eventually into the Maritimes during mid to late week. Below seasonal temperatures will continue into next weekend from the Great Lakes to Atlantic Canada.

While this has been a rather familiar pattern during much of the spring and summer, we expect the pattern to temporarily breakdown during mid-to late month with temperatures trending back to and even above seasonal at times for the Great Lakes and southern Quebec. When “normal” temperatures steadily drop through September, this region will get a break from the frequents shots of chilly temperatures.

Across southern B.C., the heat will finally break during the following week (the second full week of September) with temperatures trending closer to seasonal for mid and late month. Across the Prairies and Atlantic Canada, near to slightly above seasonal temperatures are expected to dominate mid and late September.

Will this pattern change continue into the remainder of the fall season? Please check back on September 13th for the release of our fall forecast and our preliminary winter forecast.

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