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Drone footage captures dolphin family in Newfoundland

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Monday, July 25, 2016, 12:06 PM - Capturing mainly photos from beautiful Newfoundland, this photographer has won the jackpot with some recent incredible dolphin footage.

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Paul Dolk recently posted a video he captured showing a birds's eye view of a family of dolphins. Dolk says he was out on the water looking for whales with his wife, when the pack of dolphins were seen swimming in Newfoundland's Bonavista Bay. He used a camera drone to get a better view.

"It was an awesome site to watch. I fired up my drone so we would be able to see them from above and follow their movements without being too close to them in boat," Dolk told the CBC. "[It was] a beautiful day just outside Tickle Cove."

You can see from the incredible footage that the calves stay close to their mothers with the males situated on either side as protection.

Watch it here:

Source: CBC

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