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Drone catches man sunbathing atop 200-foot wind turbine

Daksha Rangan
Digital Reporter

Friday, August 28, 2015, 6:16 PM - To some, it’s the perfect place to relax, uninterrupted.

This is probably what one Rhode Island man thought before unwinding atop a 200-foot wind turbine – that is, until a pilot observing the turbine woke the napping sunbather with the sound of his drone.

Kevin Miller, 49, was on vacation in Rhode Island when he spotted the man, the Daily Mirror reports.

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”I thought this was my chance to get up close to capture what is usually touch to access,” Miller told the Daily Mirror. “So I decided to drive up to get a super close video while [the turbine] was not in operation.”

Apparently unbothered, the man waved back at Miller and the drone, and continued to relax.

The man’s identity has not been confirmed, and it’s uncertain as to whether he had permission to be on top of the turbine, Mashable reports.

SOURCE: Daily Mirror | Mashable

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