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Drivers urged to watch for Alberta flood cars

The Canadian Press

Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 3:54 PM -

Saskatchewan drivers thinking of buying a vehicle from Alberta are being warned to watch out for flood damage.

File photo

File photo

Saskatchewan Government Insurance says many flood-damaged vehicles can't be registered for use in Saskatchewan or in any other Canadian province, but SGI says there might be a delay in the identification of flood-damaged vehicles by insurers because of the extent of the flooding.

Water can cause serious electrical and structural damage to a vehicle, and toxic contamination due to untreated waste and mould are also concerns.

SGI says not to rely solely on an inspection because the effects of flood damage may not be readily apparent. It says people should look for signs of water damage, check under the hood for signs of water or silt and test electrical systems like lights, turn signals and gauges.

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"It's really a case of buyer beware," said Lyle Mosiondz, assistant vice-president of the auto fund's vehicle and support services. "Make sure any vehicle you're considering buying from Alberta is safe and eligible to be registered in Saskatchewan by thoroughly researching its history prior to completing the sale."

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