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We asked our viewers what their best parts of the summer were. Here's what they said.

Don't like the back-to-school forecast? Hey, it could be worse

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Monday, September 1, 2014, 8:44 PM -

Students, parents, we know: Whether you like school or not, it's hard to go back after the last long weekend of the summer.

As it happens, September 2 will be a mixed bag weatherwise across Canada this year, with rain and cloudy skies in Ontario, to cooler temperatures and thunderstorm potential on the Prairies, to clear and fair in Newfoundland.

Whatever the weather is like where you are in Canada Tuesday morning, if you don't like it, keep in mind: It could be worse.

It'll be showery in Toronto on Tuesday, but it won't be more than 40 mm, which is what drenched the city on September 2, 1930, or the 83 mm that fell in Halifax in 1996.

Temperature too chilly for you? Be happy it wasn't -2.2°C, like it was in Edmonton 1919. And even if you like nice toasty weather, even you, surely, would think 38.8°C, as it was in Winnipeg in 1983, would be too much.

To put tomorrow's weather in perspective, take a look at what students faced if they were going to school in on the warmest, coolest or wettest September 2 dates in history.

City Record high Record low Record rainfall
Calgary 32.5°C [1998] -1.1°C [1943] 25.2 mm [2000]
Edmonton 29.6°C [2009] -2.2°C [1919] 42.6 mm [1987]
Halifax 33.3°C [2010] 5°C [1912] 83.4 mm [1996]
Montreal 31.7°C [1973] 6.1°C [1995] 47 mm [1947]
Ottawa 35°C [1921] 3.9°C [1892] 33.8 mm [1959]
Toronto 37.8°C [1953] 3.3°C [1885] 43.9 mm [1930]
Vancouver 29.4°C [1972] 5°C [1960] 38.1 mm [1912]
Winnipeg 38.8°C [1983] -1.7°C [1946] No Data

DON'T SEE YOUR CITY? We're working on providing monthly forecasts and historical data country-wide. Check back on your city page often!

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