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What are the hottest winter wear trends that can keep you warm this winter?

Don't let winter cramp your style

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    Sunday, February 9, 2014, 1:56 PM -

    Cold temperatures can trump function over fashion, but what are the hottest winter wear trends that can keep you warm this winter, all while looking great? 

    Frigid winter weather can be hazardous – to a woman's winter wardrobe, but these fashion tips will have you looking cool, while feeling warm with faux fur and trendy texture leading the way. 

    "A big trend right now for outerwear is a lot of the faux leather and the faux fur," says style expert Dana Creran, of Who Cares Wear. "You are going to see a lot of that, in the hoods, you are going to see a lot of faux leather on the details in the arms, sleeves, buttons and the little features on pockets and stuff like that. Right now we are seeing functionality with those trendy options." 

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    Mid-season shopping means bit time savings as most local retailers will put their fall and winter items on clearance this time of year. 

    "Tons of stores, boutiques locally are having sales which is great," adds Creran. "All the fall and winter stock is on sale, and its the perfect time of year when it's freezing out, to pick up new fall boots." 

    So, for all those fashion divas out there, the options are endless. Old Man Winter has got nothing on your wardrobe this season!

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