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Man learns it's illegal to leave dogs in cold car

Nathan Coleman

Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 4:53 PM - A 48-year-old Yarmouth man has been charged after leaving two dogs in a parked car overnight amid temperatures that dipped to -11 degrees Celsius.

When officers arrived the temperature was -22 with the windchill.

The two tickets are for causing an animal to be in distress and failing to protect an animal from the cold.

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The dogs were taken to a local shelter upon discovery.

"It's really important we don't use our cars to shelter our pets," says Jo-Anne Landsburg, the chief provincial inspector for the Nova Scotia SPCA.

"This is because our vehicles can become an ice box in frigid temperatures and they don't provide an environment in which an animal can keep itself warm."

If you leave your pets outside when it's freezing, they can start shivering and shaking and could even get frost bite.

Landsburg says the SPCA has seen an uptick in calls since the cold weather has set in about unattended pets.

Here are some tips on caring for your pet during the winter months, courtesy of the SPCA:

  • Never leave your pet in a cold car.
  • Keep your pets indoor, during the day and night. Cold temperatures can still harm your pets even though they have fur. 
  • If you leave your dog outside, give them a draft-free shelter large enough to stand and turn around in, but small enough to retain body heat. Use something to protect them against the cold like a layer of straw or a blanket. Turn the entrance away from wind and snow.
  • Stay with your pets when taking them out for a bathroom break; if it’s too cold for you, it is too cold for them and you should head inside.


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