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Did you say FROST? Parts of Quebec and New Brunswick urged to protect tender plants

Signs of fall begin to show

Signs of fall begin to show

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    Thursday, September 5, 2013, 9:07 AM -

    Frost warnings have been issued for parts of northern Quebec and New Brunswick with temperatures expected to drop near the freezing mark Thursday night. 

    The combination of a cold air mass, clear skies and light winds will allow temperatures to plunge, warns Environment Canada. And these conditions could cause patchy frost to form overnight and early Friday morning.

    "Protect tender plants that could be damaged or die as a result of frost," says Environment Canada. 

    The good news? 

    "The arrival of another low pressure system over northern Quebec on Friday will bring temperatures back to near seasonal values," Environment Canada adds. 

    Frost warning issued early Thursday

    Frost warning issued early Thursday

    The annual battle between summer and fall continues across the country.

    Above seasonal heat and humidity hangs on in the Prairies, while parts of Ontario and Quebec are dealing with an early taste of autumn.

    Wondering what the fall season will bring to your area? Check out the 2013 Fall Outlook.

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