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Did you know: Canada is home to 60+ mosquito species

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Monday, May 28, 2018, 8:00 AM - Did you know Canada has over 60 mosquito species throughout its entire territory?

Right now, the most noticeable ones are the spring floodwater mosquito species, also known as Spring Aedes mosquitoes.

Despite knowing that these very little insects can cause a whole lot of trouble, did you also know that:

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  • These mosquitoes are very evolved and are now acclimatized to our harsh Canadian climate. 
  • Like all mosquito species, these mosquitoes go through several life stages before becoming the pesky bugs we love to hate. The major difference is that they specifically develop in snowmelt pools. 
  • The eggs of these spring floodwater mosquitoes hatch into larvae in snowmelt pools when the water temperature increases. The drop in the dissolved oxygen levels is what triggers the massive spring egg hatching. 
  • The larvae will feed on nutrients in the water and will take between seven to 14 days to turn into pupae. It is after this pupal stage that the adult mosquitoes will emerge.

  • Adult mosquitoes have only one goal, that is, to reproduce. The female mosquito will quickly dry off her wings and fly to find her first blood meal. This blood meal is necessary for her to develop her eggs. 
  • One female Spring Aedes mosquito can lay up to 700 eggs. 
  • She will lay these eggs in the now dried up snowmelt pools where they will lie dormant for one to 15 years. She can lay eggs every third day of her lifespan. 
  • The eggs need to go through a dry period, a freezing period and a flooding period before they can hatch. This cycle is the main reason why these mosquitoes only have one generation per season. However the Spring Aedes adults can live up to three months in our Canadian summers. That is an enormous amount of eggs!

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