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Aside from my new found love for pancakes, day three of The Trip reveals the beauty of Vernon.

Day 3: #TheTripTWN- Vipers, Olympians, Ghosts and...VHS?

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Thursday, February 27, 2014, 12:44 PM -

I'm starting to love pancakes.

I was never a big fan.. I mean they are tasty and all, but they were never a go to meal for me. Suddenly I find myself on a tour of the BC interior and every hotel we are staying at has an instant pancake maker... no special ingredients like blueberries of chocolate chips or nutella... just pancake.... and it's delicious.

The first day I ate 2.... next day 4... today, 7. I better stop, I don't want my "Turkish Delight" physique* to go away.

I do have one thing going for me - I'm certainly getting a workout every morning show.

Here is our day in pictures:

Meet the Kelowna Junior Vipers, who took their practice outdoors for us this morning. They have their first playoff game of the season this weekend. They definitely weren't camera shy, which led to...

Our cameraman Caaleb getting mauled by kids wanting to say hi to their moms. This actually happened live on the air and it was so awesome I have to put a screen grab in this blog. It was cute... and presumably terrifying for Caaleb!

We typically eat breakfast (and the aforementioned pancakes) after the morning show. 

Producer Liz loves her skim milk. 

If you want her to be your friend, buy her either skim or chocolate milk. She will be your friend for life. 

Then ask her to say "car" or "far", because she is from New Brunswick (once she reads this, she will punch me in the ribs). :)

This was my best discovery so far - the Holiday Inn in Vernon had a VHS cassette player in the dining area.. connected to a plasma TV! 

What was in the player? A training tape... from JANUARY 2003!!!

Far more advanced technology surely existed by 2003 (DVDs... THE INTERNET!). 

Who am I kidding.. this was hilarious, and rules.

This little collection of snow is actually a rare nature phenomenon. 

We recorded a segment with our SnowShoe tour guide, Rosemarie Van Ee, at Silver Star Mountain Resort, which you can catch on The Weather Network.

It's very interesting what it is and how it happens!

After spending some time on the mountain, we attended a homecoming for Kevin Hill, a Canadian Olympian in Sochi in Snowboard Cross. We talked about a lot, especially the Weather in Sochi, and also all the important topics you'd hope we would cover from Sochi - the toilets, stray dogs, security, Tinder and how each Canadian Olympian got like 400,000 pieces of Olympic swag.

(It's a little less but still, holy cow! Find out how much in the interview that's posted on weathernetwork.com/thetrip).

My exhaustive hardline journalistic coverage of the lake beast known at the Ogopogo Monster continued...

This time it was one of 26 Murals in downtown Vernon.

We recorded a *very serious* video about it.... lock your doors, people!

Speaking of Ogopogo, he is smarter than the average sea serpent (take that, Nessie).

He's on Twitter, and today he followed me.

We shared this exchange... no, I will not go for a dip, thank you very much!

As we were driving from Vernon to Kamloops, Caaleb was talking about how this area of BC was big for logging... and then pointed out an example of a patch of trees that were cut and replanted for logging purposes. Pretty neat to see.

Finally in Kamloops, we looked for a place to eat. We settled on a restaurant that was conveniently placed beside this gem - I don't know if I'm more impressed with the name of the joint, or the extremely patriotic window display.

One last thing, I'm so proud that I was FINALLY able to quote the movie "Predator" on The Weather Network! 

Enjoy and cry tears of joy with me!

Thursday morning we are at the McArthur Sports Centre in Kamloops playing shinny with a girls minor hockey team!

Time to lace up the skates and score some goals!

As always, follow along on Twitter and send your pictures/comments using #TheTripTWN.

THE TRIP: Keep checking back on this page, as we will be constantly uploading videos and blogs from the journey!

*author doesn't actually possess an impressive physique

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