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Candice Helm got quite a surprise when she set the sprinkler out on her Eagle River, AK, lawn.

Cute overload: Mother moose and calves cool off in sprinkler

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Thursday, June 4, 2015, 2:36 PM -

As temperatures climb in parts of Alaska, a moose and her two calves decided to cool off in a Eagle River resident's sprinkler. 

Candice Helm captured video of the calves running through the streams of water while mama moose kept a watchful eye on her babies, eventually joining in on the fun.

"They just strolled around the house and looked really hot, so we turned on the sprinklers and they were happy," Helm told KTUU News.

It was the first time Helm saw a baby moose. Her family are new to Alaska having moved from Arkansas eight weeks ago.

In other animal news, the famous missing peacock in Toronto was found and is now back at High Park Zoo. Police recently shot and killed a black bear that had been spotted wandering a Newmarket, Ont. neighbourhood.

Source: KTUU News | YouTube

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