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What's more Canadian than a moose at a Tim Hortons. Plus one really smart dog.

Cute Countdown: Swimming elephants and a mischievous pup

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Scott Meiklejohn
Staff Writer

Sunday, June 8, 2014, 2:15 PM -

Time for your weekly Cute Countdown.

This week, Scott Meiklejohn (@ScottyTWN) has a little bit for everyone. Whether you love little wolf cubs or large swimming elephants, be sure to check out the Cute Countdown this week.

Stick around till the end to find out more about one of the smartest (and most independent) dogs out there.

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Below is a selection of the best cute shots from our viewers, uploaded to our website.

Be sure to Tweet us @WeatherNetwork with the hashtag #CuteCountdown or upload your photos and videos to our website if you want to see your pictures or videos on the next countdown!

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