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It's a meal's eye view, thanks to a Go-Pro camera.

Crocodile bites Go-Pro camera

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, March 22, 2014, 1:21 PM -

You might call it a meal's eye view.

That hungry American crocodile, whose four-metre length truly earns his affectionate name of 'Big Boy', has become a minor celebrity after trying to chow down on a Go-Pro camera belonging to Chris Madden, a volunteer at Florida animal sanctuary Everglades Outpost.

Madden says he didn't mean for the big guy to try take a chomp of the camera - he had it put in a tough PVC housing to try get some first-person footage of the giant reptile in the hopes of getting more attention for Outpost.

Here's the full video, posted to Madden's YouTube channel:

As soon as the camera hit the water near the croc, it went into full-on feeding mode.

He spat the Go-Pro out, but it was damaged during the ordeal - although incredibly the damage was actually covered by insurance.

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