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Changing patterns sees single-digit highs for the Prairies next week

Cool fall weather pops-up as national weather pattern relaxes and reloads

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    Dr. Doug Gillham
    Meteorologist, PhD

    Thursday, September 4, 2014, 6:51 PM - The first week of September has featured late summer weather in Eastern Canada with parts of Southern Ontario expecting their hottest temperatures of the summer on Friday. Meanwhile, cool autumn weather has been found across western Canada, with snow falling in the higher elevations of the Rockies.

    As we head into the weekend, the pattern will relax and temperatures will become more uniform across southern Canada as highs warm to the mid 20s in the west and cool to the lower 20s in the east.

    However, as we head into next week a colder version of this past week’s pattern will return. 

    On Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures across the Prairies will be more typical of late October and early November, with highs only in the single digits and the potential for freezing temperatures at night.

    In addition, it looks like we will see some snow mixing in with the rain over parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan during Tuesday and Tuesday night. 

    Unlike earlier this week, when the snow was limited to higher elevations, the rain/snow mix next week includes the Prairies.

    Meanwhile, temperatures will be near to above seasonal across most of eastern Canada, though next week will not be nearly as warm as this past week. 

    Above seasonal temperatures are also expected in Southern British Columbia.

    As we head into the end of next week and next weekend, the cold air over the Prairies will slowly progress to the east, reaching southern Ontario and southern Quebec by Friday or Saturday. 

    However, the cold air will also modify somewhat, so while next weekend will feel like autumn in places like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, it will not be nearly as cool as what the Prairies will have experienced. 

    During the transition, eastern Canada will also be impacted by two systems which will bring periods of wet weather during the middle and end of next week.

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