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Atlantic Canada's weekend.
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N.B. storm had 190 km/h winds. What's next, here

The official Summer 2017 Forecast drops on Tuesday, May 23. Check back for a complete look at what the next 3 months have in store.

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Friday, May 19, 2017, 8:30 PM - The record-breaking heat and humidity that baked New Brunswick on Thursday was a strong ingredient in the very powerful storms that slammed the province late Thursday.

Extensive damage was reported on the Acadian Peninsula especially, with downed power lines, damaged roofs and several reports of funnel clouds or a tornado.

Environment Canada did dispatch a team to the peninsula to investigate whether a tornado did touch down, but the weather agency said early Saturday it couldn't confirm a tornado at this time.

"The post-storm investigation in the area indicates that the damage was consistent with strait line wind associated with a squall line - with winds of 135 to 190 km/h, and perhaps as high as 220 km/h near the causeway between Shippagan and Lameque," Environment Canada's report read Saturday morning.

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Tornado sightings in Canada must be confirmed by Environment Canada, which visits the area of the sighting, and if it confirms the damage pattern is consistent with a tornado, will then give it a rating.

Even without a tornado, the storms were still very severe, causing extensive damage.

WATCH BELOW: Pieces of a roof being swept up off a store in Caraquet, N.B.

Victoria Day Long Weekend

It will feel a lot cooler Saturday across the Maritimes, with daytime highs little higher than the mid teens.

Meanwhile, Newfoundland and Labrador are experiencing a turn of the seasons -- and not in a favourable way. Snowfall and rainfall warnings are in effect for parts of the province ahead of what could be 30 to 50 cm of snow. Follow our coverage for a full summary of what's to come, here.

"[It's] a tricky forecast for the Maritimes on Victoria Day due to uncertainty as to how quickly rain spreads into the region on Monday afternoon and evening," added The Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. "[It] looks like Fredericton and possibly Halifax will see some late-day showers and thunderstorms."

Below-seasonal temperatures can be expected at the start of next week.

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