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Colorado man plays piano inside flooded home

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    Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 10:48 AM -

    People are slowly returning to their flooded neighbourhoods in Colorado, some finding they no longer have a home. 

    Statewide, nearly 18,000 homes are damaged, with hundreds of people still unaccounted for. 

    Many people, including Colorado resident Mark Changaris, watched hopelessly as their homes filled with water.

    A glimmer of hope?

    What happened next was unexpected. 

    Call it eerie, or call it beautiful, this YouTube video has gone viral. 

    It features Mark sitting at his piano after a mudslide completely devastated his home. 

    He decided to play "Mad World."

    Mark said when the water subsided, it felt good to play in that moment and just "let the rest of the craziness drop off." 

    He said it helped to make him feel "more normal," adding something old and familiar could warm up the place. It added something beautiful amid the mud, destruction and debris.

    He also told BuzzFeed that it was a sign of the overwhelming community support and a reminder of how lucky it is to be surrounded by people you love.

    Both Mark and his roommates are safe and staying with friends and family.

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