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Officials say fish were trapped by the icy water as the tide receded

Cold shock kills thousands of fish

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    Saturday, January 18, 2014, 9:38 AM -

    Thousands of dead striped bass were found on the shores of Blackhall River in Old Lyme, Connecticut last week. Some residents were worried that it could be something in the water that led to the death of the fish but officials have attributed the rare event to the drop in temperature last week.

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    Staffers called it a "cold shock" and said the fish likely were caught in the icy water, trapped in the shallow depth as the high tide began to recede. The temperature change was also accompanied by a change in salinity, which studies have shown can affect the way striped bass interact with each other. Officials have heard about similar incidents in the New Haven area. 

    Residents like Fred Schavoir were wary of eating any of the bass since they weren't sure what killed them. But scavengers like seagulls didn't share that concern and were quick to fly into the region. The birds have been having a feast along the river. Any uneaten fish will be left to decay.

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