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Climate change's rising temperatures impact Belgian beer

Daksha Rangan
Digital Reporter

Saturday, November 7, 2015, 5:05 PM - Belgium’s soaring temperatures have called for an early halt to the brewing season, the result of a rise in the global average temperature.

The Cantillon gueuze brewery, one of the country’s traditional and beloved, announced Friday that they’ve shortened the brewing season by approximately one month, CBC reports.

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"We are losing more than one month and if it continues we will lose maybe two months and that is certainly due to the global warming," Cantillon brewer Jean Van Roy told The Associated Press.

Part of the brewing process calls for the cool-down of Cantillon’s hot brew in open tanks, allowing the natural yeasts in the air to help produce the brand’s sour beer, CBC notes.

This year’s temperatures have reached 15 C overnight for several days. Since Cantillon doesn’t want to use artificial refrigeration, they’ve stopped the brewing process altogether.

The global average temperature is reported to have increased by approximately 0.8 C since the industrial revolution.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski, Flickr.

SOURCE: CBC via The Associated Press

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