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The star is the latest to lend his voice to the cause

Climate change debate heats up

Sunday, September 21, 2014, 12:03 PM - Just days away from a United Nations climate summit, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed a new UN Messenger of Peace: Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Titanic-star is being called a "new voice for climate advocacy." The renowned actor is one of many thespians that are known for their dedication to the environmentalism. His main focus in his new role will be climate change issues. Ki-moon is hoping that his global stardom will help in the challenge ahead.

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DiCaprio will join Ki-moon at the People's Climate March through the streets of Manhattan, where more than 100,000 people are expected to gather.

The actor will also address the UN Summit on September 23 in his role of Messenger of Peace. The summit will bring together more than 100 heads of states as they announce the measures—both in places and planned for the near future—they are taking toward a more environmentally-conscious future. Many countries are expected to commit to severe cut in greenhouse gas emissions.

DiCaprio was visibly happy during the ceremony where he was given his new title and congratulated Ki-moon for his efforts in climate change advocacy.

Back in late August, the actor participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. In his video, he brought focus to the Canadian tar sands in Lake Athabasca, before nominating Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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