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It's about to get showery, but we're keeping an eye on the weekend.

Clear skies come to an end in Ontario

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 9:07 AM - Many people in Ontario were waking up to a gorgeous, if slightly below seasonal, morning Tuesday.

Daytime highs of low-to-mid 20s are in the cards, but those clear skies won't stay that way, courtesy of a slow-moving low that will take its time moving over Ontario.

"It's looking unsettled for the next little while," Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm said Tuesday morning.

Rain will move into southwestern Ontario in the late afternoon, although outer bands from the system may arrive sooner. Forecasters say there will be some thunderstorm risk for areas west of London in the afternoon.

Rain should reach the Kitchener - Waterloo area by midnight and the Greater Toronto Area by the pre-dawn hours, spreading all across southern Ontario throughout Wednesday, and bringing a more widespread risk of thunderstorms.

The low, slow-moving as it is, will affect the province for most of Wednesday, lingering into Thursday in eastern Ontario and bringing showers and unsettled weather.

Friday will bring some reprieve, but it may be brief: We're keeping an eye on another low that could make for a gloomy weekend across southern Ontario.

Check back often and tune in on T.V. for updates as the long-term forecast firms up.

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