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Dramatic video of what was a possible tornado near Cambridge-Narrows, NB

Clean-up continues in New Brunswick, Environment Canada investigates possible tornado

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    The Canadian Press

    Monday, July 22, 2013, 7:43 AM -

    Officials with Environment Canada will be in New Brunswick on Monday to investigate reports of a tornado.

    A fierce storm that hit the Grand Lake area on Saturday night has some residents convinced that a tornado touched down.

    Witnesses say a funnel cloud hurled some structures, including a barn and a garage, the length of a football field.

    The storm also uprooted trees, broke phone lines and damaged buildings.

    Environment Canada says it will estimate wind speeds and determine whether or not there was rotation.

    New Brunswick experiences an average of one to two tornadoes a year.

    Tree uprooted after Saturday's storms

    Tree uprooted after Saturday's storms

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