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Too many geese in one location

City takes tough stance against growing geese population in Minnesota

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    Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 12:15 PM - Canadian geese were introduced to Minnesota in the 60s and 70s.

    The birds thrived in Minnesota's watery habitat, but now, the growing population has city leaders taking some tough measures to control the numbers.

    "We really want to look at the water quality, that's number one, because with all the goose droppings, that does wash into the lake, and then that can get that e-coli to spike which in the past has caused shutdowns of the beach for a day or two," says Brett Altergott, Lakeville Parks and Recreation Director.

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    City leaders in Lakeville say they've explored all the options for reducing the number of geese, but they've learned that they do continue to increase, coming back to where they've mated.

    Last week the city made the decision to hire Tom Keefe who runs a company called Canada Goose Management.

    Starting in mid-June, Tom and his team will start taking the geese away.

    "What we will do is go in and actually have a wild goose chase, essentially herd those birds up, using our crew and netting system."

    The adult geese will end up at poultry processing plant, where their meat will be donated to food shelves. The goslings on the other hand, will be donated as food for animals at a wildlife research facility.

    "It sounds extreme but frankly we.. under the federal law we could burn them or bury them, but we want to utilize the bird as much as we can. We are meeting a need there," Keefe adds.

    The wild goose chase will happen in about a month over the course of a few days.

    Agree or disagree with this decision? Let us know in the comments section below.

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