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City of Edmonton working to create safer roads this winter

Monday, January 20, 2014, 5:34 PM -

The City of Edmonton is trying to make its streets a bit safer this winter season with the monumental task of neighbourhood blading -- in addition to their targeted windrow removal -- from bus routes.

It's a job that has crews working 24/7 to complete.

Neighbourhood blading occurs when snow has accumulated on residential streets. Blade trucks drive through, pushing snow to the side to create safer driving conditions.

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"We worked through the last four days to improve mobility in [the] neighbourhoods where ... rising temperatures had made streets and alleys impassable," says Bob Dunford, the Edmonton's Director of Roadway Maintenance. 

"Now, in addition to picking up windrows from arterial and bus routes, we’ve started our city-wide neighbourhood blading cycle.”

If pesky residential windrows -- piles of snow on the roadside created by snow plowing equipment -- are making a parking mess on your street, you can help by staying up-to-date on city snow removal plans.

The City of Edmonton has their neighbourhood blading schedule posted online, and although a city-wide parking ban has not been declared for neighbourhood blading, you can avoid having your car boxed in by a windrow by knowing when residential blading is happening in your neighbourhood, and by moving your vehicle the night before.

Temporary parking bans will remain in effect until the city states otherwise. Windrow removal from bus/collector routes will continue this week, where temporary "NO PARKING" signs will be placed 24 hours before work is scheduled to be completed.

The city will be enforcing these temporary parking bans with tickets and towing.

"This has been a challenging winter, especially with the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve been getting," added Dunford.

"We understand the frustration voiced by citizens in regards to neighbourhood roads and greatly appreciate the patience everyone has shown."

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