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Chinese zoo welcomes five white lion cubs

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    Sunday, June 2, 2013, 12:55 PM -

    If you enjoy cute cat videos, take a look at these pictures of five white lion cubs recently born in China's Bifengxia Nature Reserve.

    A female white lion gave birth to five cubs on Friday in China's Bifengxia Nature Reserve. 

    According to zoologists, the event is rare as white lions usually give birth to three at one time. 

    The nature reserve is found in the southwestern city of Ya'an, which was hit by a 7-magnitude earthquake in April.

    The female lion was pregnant at that time but luckily escaped unhurt from the incident. 

    Female lions have no milk after delivering, so the cubs will have to be fed by bottle.

    Later on, the cubs will feed from a "dog surrogate mother," as local zoologists believe the milk is similar and will give the little lions a better chance of growing strong.   

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