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Majestic sculptures made from ice and snow attract tourists from around the world.

China's winter wonderland: ice and snow sculptures

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    Tuesday, December 24, 2013, 12:48 PM -

    Lucky tourists and residents were treated to a beautiful show in Northeastern China, as preparations have begun for the annual Sun Island International Snow Sculptures Art Expo. 

    The expo covers an area of 600,000 square meters and uses about 100,000 cubic meters of snow. The winter festival launched in 1988 and has quickly become one of the biggest festivals in Harbin, the ice city of China. It usually takes place from January to the end of February or mid March, if the weather permits it. 

    The festival is said to be the birthplace of the modern snow sculpture art movement. Due to its long exhibition period (between 60 and 70 days) it one one of the world's most important snow-related festivals. 

    Worldwide sponsors work together with artists to create beautiful sculptures that represent China, as well as many other countries. Park officials are also present throughout the park providing information about the sculptures and promoting local culture. 

    The city of Harbin is host to three highly visited parks, the other two being Harbin Ice and Snow World and the Harbin Ice Lantern Fair.

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