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Chimps on the loose

Chimpanzees escape zoo enclosure

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    Friday, April 11, 2014, 6:27 PM -

    Some of the wildlife at the Kansas City Zoo almost high tailed it back to the jungle, using their wit and strength to break the bonds of their captivity.

    In the end, the curious chimpanzees were lured back with chocolate.

    "Our problem becomes chimps are so much stronger than humans that they can go up in a tree and pull on something long enough and pull a piece of log off. that's apparently what happened," said KC zoo director Randy Wisthoff.

    "We had one ring leader, not sure who that was, but he got that log, put it on the wall, got up on top, somehow then he beckoned other chimps to come over and join him and lured about six of them up with him."

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    Nobody was hurt or in danger during the incident, but the fear of not knowing the chimps were out there troubled some visitors.

    The animals never left zoo property and now keepers plan to comb through the exhibit, making sure there's nothing else the crafty chimps can get their hands to attempt another daring escape.

    The chimpanzee exhibit was closed on Friday while officials conducted their investigation.

    By the way, back in 2004, several chimps escaped the zoo after high winds took down a tree that crush a wall.

    They were were corralled within a few hours.

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