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Child boards bus at 3 a.m. alone in search of a slushie

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 7:30 AM - A four-year-old Philadelphia girl is safe after boarding a bus alone at 3 a.m. in search of a slushie Friday.

The girl was found alone in northeast Philadelphia wearing a coat and snow boots amid chilly temperatures.

Surveillance video showed young Annabelle stepping on the bus.

The driver promptly contacted the police.

"All I want is a slushie, that's all she said!" driver Harlan Jenifer told local media. 

"She's a small little thing. It kind of just shocked me." 

Passengers kept an eye on the child while help arrived.

Annabelle wasn't harmed -- but she was concerned she didn't get her sugary treat.

Within an hour she was back home. Her parents have since upgraded the locks on the home.

Annabelle's parents say they will be "forever grateful" for the kind-hearted people who watched over their daughter. Her mother told reporters Annabelle has agreed to wait for a parent to take her out the next time she wants a snack.

Source: ABC

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