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You won't believe how close this driver came to total disaster on Highway 11 near Nipigon, Ont

Charges pending after video of near-collision on Ontario highway goes viral

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Friday, February 7, 2014, 7:53 AM -

It was a video that went viral and had everyone watching it on replay in disbelief. (Watch it again above) 

On January 4, semi truck driver Art Ginter was driving on snow-covered Highway 11, near Nipigon, Ont., when he was forced to swerve to the right side of the highway to avoid crashing head-on into another rig that was trying to pass a snow plow. 

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Near miss for northern Ontario truck driver

Dashcam video of the near-tragic collision has gone viral on several social media sites, and helped authorities locate the driver at fault in the incident on Thursday. 

There was no contact between the two trucks but the rig forced to the side of the highway struck several guard posts. 

The second truck did not stop. 

HIGHWAY SAFETY: How to safely share the road with trucks

A 31-year-old Milton, Ontario man is being held on a violation of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. 

Formal charges are still pending. 

At the time the video surfaced, The Weather Network contacted Ginter who had this to say about the terrifying ordeal:

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