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Commuters across southern Ontario could face a slow drive into work Tuesday, as a rather potent system pushes into the region.

Changes are ahead -- potent system to bring heavy rain to half the country

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Sunday, August 10, 2014, 2:54 PM -

Given the stormy conditions across many parts of the country last week, many Canadians appreciated the relatively quiet Sunday.

Apart from the odd thunderstorm in the northern Prairies and Quebec it was a beautiful weekend. However, forecasters are now saying not to get used to it because big changes are coming -- for some. 

The same cold front that brought severe weather to the Prairies last week, is moving into northern Ontario, albeit weaker. That, together with a developing low stateside, will bring copious amounts of rain to southern Ontario, beginning late Monday.

"As the low pressure system approaches, we will see the the threat for storms in southwestern Ontario and along the shores of Lake Huron on Monday afternoon," said Kelly Sonnenburg, meteorologist at The Weather Network.

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Commuters in southern Ontario might face a slow drive Tuesday morning, as the system will be in full-swing by then. 

And as you may have already suspected, the system will push into southern Quebec Tuesday night, and Thursday the Maritimes

As for total rainfall amounts, the information is not too clear just yet. 

"Forecast models have had a hard time agreeing on the impact of the storm but 20 to 30 millimeters of rain are possible for Toronto," Sonnenburg said. "Thunderstorms could bring additional rainfall." 

Be sure to check back as we will provide updates on this incoming system. Stay on top of watches and warnings with our ALERTS page.

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