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CFL Playoffs | Forecast

Complete guide to CFL playoffs: What to wear, what to expect

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    Chris Murphy

    Thursday, November 9, 2017, 12:05 PM - As the resident Canadian Football League (CFL) fanatic here at The Weather Network, I feel compelled to give a little more in depth forecasting to the weekend's upcoming Divisional Semi-Final games in Ottawa and Winnipeg.

    I'll keep it brief, and if any significant changes arise, I will update accordingly. As both games are outdoors, dressing for the weather will ensure a more enjoyable and comfortable time whether at the game, or heading out to enjoy the game with friends and/or family.

    Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Ottawa REDBLACKS: Sunday, Nov 12, 1 p.m. ET
    TD Place Stadium

    First off, this game will almost certainly be a barn-burner if their previous games this season is any indication, and this field will be the site of this year's Grey Cup.

    Synopsis: An upper trough will likely set up near/south of Lake Superior, putting the city of Ottawa on the downstream side of this feature. The jet stream appears to be approximately over Ottawa, meaning temperatures shouldn't be too extreme either way (jet stream helps divide cold air from warm air). The temperatures aloft will be cool, but not nearly as cold as Friday nor Saturday morning - that alone should provide relief to those sitting in the stands!

    Temperatures will be in the seasonal range or just slightly below (average is 5-6 C this time of year) and due to the proximity of the jet, I'd expect some clouds (not necessarily overcast) and a low, but not non-existent risk, of precipitation - let's call it 30 per cent for now.

    This could very well change depending on the timing, location & strength of the disturbance, but it looks weak at this point.

    Overall, this is pleasant & fitting football weather. A dramatic improvement over Friday's biting chill! The wild card in all of this will be the wind. Too early at this point to give a specific wind speed for game time. As always, keep checking theweathernetwork.com and forecasts on TV for specifics and updates that will happen closer to game time.

    Edmonton Eskimos vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Sunday, Nov 12, 3:30 p.m. CT
    Investors Group Field

    It's been several years since Winnipeg last hosted a playoff game (2011) so this will mark the first playoff game played at the IGF!

    Synopsis: A few brushes of snow will occur leading up to Sunday, but the day itself should be dry. With the aforementioned upper trough near/south of Superior (ie to your east) this would indicate a ridge is building into Southern Manitoba and sunny skies should prevail. The temperatures at the 850mb level (approx 1-1.5 km above) will be significantly milder than what they have been, so that in itself bodes well.

    Surface temperatures look to be around -2C for game time and seeing the seasonal average is about 1C, this is more than acceptable.

    The sun will feel nice, but remember, it is setting earlier these days. It'll be dark long before the final whistle.

    A little early to give specific wind speed at this point, so best to keep checking theweathernetwork.com and forecasts on TV for specifics and updates that may happen closer to game time.

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