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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Rogue wave smashes through Santa Barbara diner

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Monday, March 3, 2014, 7:20 PM -

Talk about a frightening and death-defying breakfast.

A dangerous storm in southern California sent large waves crashing into a seaside diner on Saturday.

Windows were blown out, furniture overturned, and it was all caught on camera at the Moby Dick Restaurant in Santa Barbara.

"High tide and big swell can make for some salty eggs!!," wrote a very lighthearted jillsfree who posted the incredible footage to YouTube. "Great front row seat for a much needed storm in our area. Thank you Moby Dicks at Stearns Wharf, where the seafood is always fresh as can be!"

"The swell increased with every wave that passed," said another witness Forrest Buchanan in a YouTube post. "I recall telling people at the table in front of me, the pier will likely be closed soon due to the high surf. One minute later. I see a set of waves approaching and pickup my smart phone to film. The video shows the wave breaking through the restaurant window. The dining room was filled with the sound of glass shattering and people screaming as a wave of water rush over the dining room carpet. Everyone froze including the staff. So, I rushed over to make sure there was not any major injuries. I proceeded to warn everyone of the danger that could follow with the next wave and to evacuate the room. We got the room evacuated without the anymore injuries."

It was miraculous that no injuries were reported considering the size and strength of the wave.

Conditions have gradually improved throughout California after the powerful storm threatened several communities through the weekend.

Landslides in the Los Angeles County cities of Glendora and Azusa left plenty of mud and debris and forced residents of about 1,000 homes to evacuate.

Once the rain tapered to sprinkles, officials lifted those evacuation orders.

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Residents returned to mud caked over roads, yards and driveways, but some are counting their blessings that the damage wasn't worse.

"They had two fire teams digging trenches on either side of our house. The weight was so much that they said it could collapse the back of the house, which would have brought the second story down into the... We would have lost everything," one grateful homeowner said.

Some residents said there was several feet of mud in their yards and now they have to figure out how to get it all removed.

Despite being one of the biggest storms for the region since 2010, officials say it didn't produce enough rain to pull California out of a crippling drought that has grown to crisis proportions for the state's vast farming industry.

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In downtown Los Angeles, the skies cleared in time for the red-carpet arrivals at the Academy Awards, but rescue teams and cleanup crews were still busy.

With files from The Associated Press

Hikers rescued from rising water in California park
Heavy rain in California is putting a damper on Oscar preparations
NASA joins California in fight against drought
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