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Typhoon Neoguri made landfall in areas of southern Japan and you won't believe what it caused.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Deadly landslide hits central Japan

Thursday, July 10, 2014, 10:40 AM - Typhoon Neoguri made landfall in the Japanese southernmost main island of Kyushu on Thursday.

The typhoon has brought heavy rain across the country, killing three people and injuring 45 others. Neoguri is moving east at 30 km/h with a maximum wind velocity of about 90 km/h.

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The Japan Meteorological Agency says Neoguri made landfall in Kagoshima Prefecture on Thursday morning after passing through the islands of Okinawa.

Heavy rains caused a landslide in a mountainous town in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, on Wednesday. It swept away a house, killing a child. The landslide occurred 10 minutes before local authorities could issue an evacuation advisory.

Two men were found dead separately in different prefectures after falling into irrigation ditches.

Weather officials say more heavy rain is expected across the country, with possibly up to 80 mm/h of rainfall in some places.

Evacuation advisories have been issued for more than 42,000 households. 8,000 households have been left without power.

Officials are asking the public to be on alert for further landslides and flooding.

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