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WATCH: Canada geese go wild on would-be good samaritan

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Sunday, June 3, 2018, 4:51 PM - Ever tried to do a solid for someone who needed a hand, and ended up getting a face full of furious feathers for your trouble?

That is the unique, and uniquely Canadian, experience of one man in Sherwood Park, just out side of Edmonton, Alta., last week, when he tried to help a family of struggling Canada Geese cross the road.

As you can see in the video above, shot by Salena Messal, the unidentified person had intervened to help out when the family's goslings were struggling to mount the curb, causing a traffic jam. The geese objected, and their rebuke was so severe the would-be Good Samaritan was even knocked over.

"We were just on our way to get groceries and came upon a traffic jam ... and then saw the man and the geese and started recording. It was crazy. I’ve never seen this before," Messal told The Weather Network this week. "Both sides were at a stand still until all the geese were across."

Provincial bird specialist Jason Caswell told CBC News the safest bet in situations like that would be to just stop the car and let the geese make their own way, rather than risk a violent confrontation.

"I've been beaten around a fair bit while on my hands and knees trying to separate goslings from adults," he told the broadcaster. "A big male will usually start beating on you and I've had glasses broken, I've been cut, I've been knocked on my back as well."

However, despite what the video above depicts, Caswell says the geese are usually not that aggressive when their goslings are involved.

"Except for that about 30 days when they're caring for their goslings, they're not going to attack people," said Caswell. "They're just defending their little kids."

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