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CALIFORNIA FIRES | Health impacts

Hazy conditions inside arena for Lakers - Kings game

Caroline Floyd

Sunday, November 11, 2018, 7:46 PM - Saturday's basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings turned into a three-way battle as the teams had to face off not just against each other, but against smoke from the massive Camp Fire. Haze hung over the Kings' arena, the Golden 1 Center, at game time on Saturday, as smoke from the nearby blaze funneled into downtown Sacramento, and players reported feeling the effects of the poor air quality.

"I had a slight headache before the game," the Laker's LeBron James said, according to a Reuters report. "I can't pinpoint any other reason why it was going on besides the smoke. But it went away after the game started." The Sacramento Executive Airport was reporting visibility reduced to as low as 1 and a quarter statute miles (roughly 2 km), due to smoke, on Saturday night.

Teammate JaVale McGee said he also was affected, according to Reuters. "My stomach was hurtin' like I was hungry or something," said McGee, who suffers from asthma. "But it was from the smoke for sure, so ... but we still won, though, so it's all good."

The deadly Camp Fire spanned 109,000 acres (441 km2) as of Sunday afternoon, and was only 25 per cent contained. Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg urged residents to take precautions as air quality levels edged into the "very unhealthy range". The city was distributing particulate respirator masks on Sunday in response to the intense smoke concentration, and cancelled the planned Veteran's Day parade that had been scheduled for Sunday.

Sources: Reuters Media | Sacramento Bee | Bleacher Report


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