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Jason Hastie's done it again. This time with the help of an anonymous donor.

Calgary musician creates a wave of goodwill

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Deb Matejicka
Calgary bureau reporter

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 11:33 AM -

Jason Hastie has done it again.

But this time, he and wife Gina weren't alone in their good-hearted gift giving; this time they had the help of a number of people and businesses in surprising High River, Alta., couple Dave and Verna Roberts.

You may recall, instead of demolishing it to make way for a new one, Jason and Gina gave the Roberts their south west Calgary home. The Roberts were chosen out of more than 2,000 candidates who had responded to Jason's online ad looking for someone who really needed the well-maintained 1950's constructed bungalow. The Roberts, who lost their son and their High River home within a span of just six months took possession of the home in February of this year.

Their story has touched many and Jason and Gina's generosity has had somewhat of a goodwill snowball effect. Holmes Building Movers originally footed the $30,000 cost of moving and storing the home and then most recently a number of other donors came forward and their kindness was revealed to Dave and Verna at recent concert held by Jason Hastie and The Alibi at Cowboys Nightclub in Calgary.

"You know it was a concert for them and it turned into a fundraiser," said Jason. "It's just so cool to see many people affected by it in such a good way."

The Roberts were called on stage mid-performance where Jason informed them proceeds from the concert would be given to them and that an anonymous donor had come forward with a $10,000 donation. Before they left the stage, they were presented with a $5,000 gift certificate from Trail Appliances.

"Oh, I just can't believe it. It's just one thing after another," said a visibly excited Verna Roberts.

Added husband Dave:

"The generosity is overwhelming. Honestly, I can't believe how heartfelt people are and when there's times of need how much you see in people. How much good comes out and you see the humanity out there. It's just such a wonderful thing."

The Roberts say they are looking forward to moving into their new house and admit they visit it often. They are expecting to be in the home by May of this year.

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