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By the numbers: Record-breaking Irma

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 8:09 AM - Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, but it still packs a punch as it moves inland into the southeastern U.S. after a devastating hit on Florida and the Caribbean.

Dozens of people have been killed and millions evacuated, and the damage from the historically powerful storm will likely be in the hundreds of billions.

Here are some preliminary statistics that show the power and impact of former Hurricane Irma:

One: The amount of times two Category 4 hurricanes have occurred in the same hurricane season. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma both sustained maximum winds speeds of at least 209 km/h in the 2017 season.

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Three: Number of days Irma spent as a category 5 hurricane, making it the first Atlantic hurricane on record to do so. 

Seven: Estimated number of landfalls, including one in Cuba and at least two in Florida. 

Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys as a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 209 km/h. The storm made its second Florida landfall, on Marco Island, as a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds up to 185 km/h.

Seven million: The number of people that were ordered to evacuate.

This includes some 6.5 million Floridians and 500,000 in Georgia.

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Forty-one: The estimated number of deaths due to Irma across the Caribbean, as of Monday afternoon

That includes some 37 people from the Leeward Islands to Cuba, and four reported in Florida so far, according to the BBC, and the death toll in Florida is expected to rise.

295 km/h: Hurricane Irma's maximum wind speed, with even higher gusts.

That makes it the strongest storm on record in the Atlantic outside of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico 

5.6 million: Customers in Florida that are without power, which authorities say represents around two-thirds of the state's homes.

Check back for updates as we continue to monitor this developing story.

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