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Hope for heat

Weekend warm-up to last into next week in southern Ontario

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Dr. Doug Gillham
Meteorologist, PhD

Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 2:16 PM - Temperatures across Southern Ontario through Thursday will feel more like early to mid-September rather than the middle of July.

In cottage country, we will see a couple of days with high temperatures in the upper teens and overnight lows in the single digits.

However, unless you had outdoor swimming plans, most will find the below seasonal temperatures to be enjoyable for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

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The map below highlights just how widespread the cool temperatures are across central Canada and much of the United States. The regions shaded in green and various shades of violet are seeing the coldest temperatures relative to their normal temperatures for mid-July. Meanwhile, Atlantic Canada is experiencing above seasonal temperatures and record heat is found in Western Canada.

As we head towards the weekend, we will see a significant warming trend across southern Ontario. Once again Friday will feature the nicest weather of the week with full sunshine and high temperatures warming back to the mid 20s.

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At this point the weekend looks pretty good with a mixture of sun and clouds and near seasonal temperatures. However, there could see a couple of interruptions from scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially well to the north and south of the GTA. We will continue to monitor that potential as we get closer to the weekend, so please check back for updates.

As we head into next week, it looks like the cool weather pattern will relax for several days with the potential for increasing heat and humidity. The map below shows a temperature forecast for next week from the Canadian model. This forecast is actually for an elevation of about 1500 metres above the surface which, of course, is not where we live and experience weather, but this highlights a pattern that would support near to above seasonal temperatures for several days across much of Canada, including Southern Ontario.

During the next few days will provide more details on the temperatures that we can expect next week.

Beyond next week, there are signs that we will trend back towards a cooler pattern for the end of July and into much of August. The map below shows a model forecast through the end of August with areas shaded in blue (including southern Ontario) expected to average out a degree or two below seasonal.

While I expect that this is not what many want to see, keep in mind that a summer month that averages out slightly below seasonal will often still feature plenty of pleasant weather and even a few periods of warm to hot temperatures.

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