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Floating beer blimp: 'Kinda awesome!'

Budweiser beer blimp chase come to a crashing halt

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Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 9:15 AM -

It was fun while it lasted, but officials Tuesday confirmed that the final resting place of the AWOL beer blimp was a neighbourhood tree.

Labatt Breweries found the 21-metre promotional blimp that broke free from a tether in New Brunswick on Sunday and later crashed in the woods northeast of Saint John.

Company spokesman Wade Keller says information from a local resident helped locate the crash site. 

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"At 1730Z, a Labatt Brewery Blimp - 70 ft long, helium filled with some metal, broke from its tether," said Transport Canada in an occurrence report on Monday. "It was last reported passing 4,000', with a max altitude of 5,000' feet, moving in a NE direction at a speed of approximately 6 knots. It is expected to descend in the vicinity of Sussex, NB."

While the report indicates that the beer blimp is expected to descend somewhere near Sussex, there was no indication given on when that would happen. 

A "Notice to Airmen" alert was issued for the Moncton airport and Saint John flight station warning pilots to beware of the large flying blimp, although no impact on operations was expected.

"A NOTAM was issued, and Moncton Tower as well as Saint John flight service station (FSS) informed, royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) were also aware. No impact on operations," TC says.

Update: The blimp has now been found deflated in a wooded area near Saint John.

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