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British woman finds world's most venomous spider in her groceries

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 4:51 PM - The Brazilian wandering spider is considered one of the world's most aggressive venomous arachnids, and a British woman recently found dozens of them in her groceries.

While rarely seen in the UK, officials say they've been recently turning up in banana shipments from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia.

On Monday, 30 year-old Abby Woodgate of Essex, England found an egg sack from one of the insects in her bananas.

She initially thought the sack was mould, but closer inspection revealed a cocoon that was holding dozens of eggs.

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Pest control officials instructed her to incinerate the vacuum she used to clean up the bugs and burn anything else that had come into contact with the eggs.

"The pest controllers asked where the eggs were and I told them the bin and they said: 'Right, we'll take that'," Woodgate told the Guardian.

"Then they asked had anything else come into contact with the eggs, and I told them about my vacuum cleaner, so they said: 'We'll have to take that too'. All they could tell me is they thought they were tropical spider eggs."

Tesco, the retailer Woodgate had purchased the bananas from, has offered to replace her vacuum and trash bin.

A spokesperson for the company says they have asked their supplier to investigate the matter.

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